I can see clearly now…

I’ve had a bit of trouble with my eyes in the last few months. They’ve been burning and really sore so I asked around for recommendations and a few people suggested Mulreany Guckian Opticians so I booked an eye test and I have to say I was so impressed!

From start to finish the ladies couldn’t have been more helpful. I knew I had a traumatic cataract on my right eye, I was told at a hospital appointment. I reckon I was dropped on my head as a kid! I was told at a previous appointment that I had a cataract on my other eye too and I have to say I was paranoid about that. So Lisa, who did my eye test, was really thorough and told me that there is nothing to worry about…phew.

I had all kinds of tests including an amazing OCT 3D scan done of my eyes (which is done as an optional extra). This is really useful as it gives a clear view of the retina. It was so interesting seeing a 3D image of my eyes, apparently my eyes are really healthy which is fantastic news. Lisa suggested eye drops to help with my painful eyes and also suggested some sunglasses with my lens in that I need (I’m short-sighted).

I found with the last two opticians I went to that I was encouraged to get reading glasses even though I never wear them. In fact one of the very well known opticians told me at my age I would need them. There was none of that with Mulreany Guckian, I wasn’t pressured into anything and I felt that I was listened to.

Today I picked up my new prescription sunglasses and oh my goodness I can’t begin to tell you the relief I’ve had already. The burning, sensitive, eyes feel soothed, it’s like having a comfy blanket. I just have to ignore the fact I feel a bit like Bono!

If you are in Sligo and need an eye test I’d really recommend Mulreany Guckian and this isn’t a sponsor post in case anyone is wondering, you can find them here.

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