In praise of M&S

A post in praise Marks and Spencer. When I was a young thing I used to chuckle at my mother shopping in M&S, how little I knew. When I got older I realised M&S did the best knickers, they held in the bits they were meant to and lasted for years.

Yesterday the charity shop had jeans for a euro so I got a pair or 8. Today I sighed as I tried them on. It was a workout in itself, the minute I got anywhere near my knees the jeans wouldn’t budge. No amount of yanking or struggling worked and I ended up worn out and puffing like a steam train. As for the Penneys/Primark/Denim Collection or whatever they call themselves now the ankle was the limit.

Not so with the M&S jeans, they glided up my legs and I was still able to breathe and walk which is always a bonus. So well done Marks and Spencer, making clothes for real people.

*not a sponsored post….I wish it was!

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