Frazzled Friday

Well the rainy weather hasn’t had the best effect on people if work was anything to go by. I heard complaints about everything and anything from the price of breakfast rolls to the weather but sometimes people just need to vent and that’s OK.

I had a double shift today so in between I took a spin to Kilkelly, which is a small town just off the N17, anyway they have a great charity shop there so if you are looking for a bargain check them out. I got Lucy a leopard print jacket for €3! I shouldn’t really be fuelling her leopard print obsession but it’s harmless enough.

I’ve just two days left at Knock airport and I’ll really miss it (except the complainers, or maybe even the complainers!) it just shows you that sometimes you need to try something different. I never thought I’d be able to walk up to people and survey them but I’ve loved it. It took a couple of days to get over the ‘cold questioning’ but I’m not phased by it at all now. So maybe market research is my thing.

I’ve taken to reading spiritual books, at the moment I’m reading ‘How to Meet and Work with your Spirit Guides’ by Ted Andrews. It’s really quite interesting, the chapter I read yesterday was saying to ask your guide a question. So last night when I was going to bed I asked for guidance and in my dream I could see a crossroads and a woman’s voice telling me I was heading in the right direction and to keep going. It was so vivid and stuck in my mind when I woke up. Now it could be all in my imagination but who knows?

I have to give a little mention to the calendars. Out of the 100 I got printed I now only have 11 left! They are flying out the door. Liber, Sligo have a good stock of them but I just have the 11 so if you want one don’t miss out. You can buy them here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought one already, very much appreciated.

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