Ups and downs

Ah hello insomnia again. If it wasn’t raining I’d probably be out walking. Or if there was a chipper open I’d be there because I’m hungry. Actually there’s a chocolate biscuit cake downstairs and I’m sure I can hear it calling me.

Life is good at the moment…mostly. My summer job is at an end and I’ve absolutely loved it. I was in Knock airport just for a few hours a month. It was market research so I was surveying people who had been on holiday and it was brilliant. I loved the buzz of the airport which is kind of strange considering the anxiety but I didn’t know the people so it didn’t really bother me. At the beginning it took a bit of getting used to but after a while I settled into it and had a great time. It wasn’t like work. I loved the little glimpse I got into people’s live. I loved the banter I had with some of them. It was just great. So I’m gutted it’s over.

I’d love to find something similar. It makes such a nice change getting away from a computer for a while. Still you never know what’s out there. You hear people say what’s for you won’t pass you by but I do wonder about that sometimes.

I’ve been dreaming, when I’ve actually managed to sleep, about clocks – hundreds of them all over the walls. I’m no sleep expert but to me it signifies times are changing. Either that or it was just that we were talking about the clocks going back! My trouble is I’m quite impatient, think of Verruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and you’ll get the idea. Somethings can’t be rushed though and you have the old saying ‘Everything comes to those who wait.’ So I’ll wait and hope that what’s for me won’t pass me by. šŸ˜‰

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  1. First few days of Autumn I always feel maudlin. Heat of summer and long evenings are gone. Trees changing colours already. I hope we have a nice autumn this year to eke out the benefits of all the sunshine in July. I dont fancy another long grey winter.

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