Eye-conic the exhibition

Another week and a new exhibition. This time three of my photos are in the Eye-Conic exhibition in the Teach Ban Art Gallery, opposite Drumcliffe Tea Rooms.

Eye-Conic is an exhibition of MSLETB photography students who studied under the expert eye of Peter Wilcock. Most of the students have completed lever 5 or 6, I’ve just done a level 3.

I remember signing up for the course and being excited but also slightly terrified. Peter Wilcock is an outstanding photographer and someone who I’d looked up to for many years so to have him as a teacher was an immense pleasure. He’s down to earth and also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. He helped me focus, pun intended, and encouraged me to think outside the lens. The course was very enjoyable and I’d recommend Peter’s courses to anyone who wants to learn more about photography.

Anyway back to the exhibition. The launch was yesterday and I was starting to get myself into a bit of a state. Flashbacks of how I felt at the last exhibition opening…but this was a different venue and different people.

I arrived about two hours too early to settle myself. It worked because there was Peter, a calming influence, and already I felt better. I also got chatting to a lovely lady called Aisling who was also one of Peter’s students. I looked at some of the photo books and really enjoyed them. By the time the crowd arrived I was completely relaxed and it was lovely to meet some blog readers who I’d never met before.

Well done to all the students, your work is fantastic and all very different. The exhibition runs until August 25th at 6pm and it’s well worth a visit.


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