Be your own hero

Ah the good old insomnia has reared its ugly head even though I took a piriton antihistamine and they usually knock me out. Anyway…

Bonnie Tyler popped into my head warbling about needing a hero. I thought about it for a while and decided we can be our own hero. After all no one knows us better than ourselves.

I read a Facebook status just now that said we always look to others for approval. That’s true for me, not always any more though. I’m getting quite good at becoming a friend to myself.

I was at the Cairde Festival last month and there was a circus on. Not an animal circus but a group of people doing acrobatics. One of the folks messed up a lot as part of the act and whenever he did a little boy at the back stood up. The boy shouted encouragement “you can do this, keep going, you’ve got this” and so on. When the man finally succeeded the little boy piped up: ” I knew you could do it, well done!”

We all need a little voice cheering us on from time to time. If we stop and take a moment we might even hear that voice coming from within.

So good luck finding your hero Bonnie. Me, I’m going to be my own.

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