Size Matters

Am I the only person having problems with clothing sizes these days? I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t fit into anything these days. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a whale…well maybe a baby one…but I do have a rather large backside and chunky legs.

Recently I’ve had the horror of trying something on in a changing room and getting stuck in it! I ended up with my arm wedged next to my head with my nose stuck in my armpit and a dress half on a half off. I knew if I pulled too hard I was going to rip the seams and I couldn’t ask for help because I was mortified. After a lot of pushing and pulling I finally got free with the garment intact. Phew.

To add insult to injury last week there was a great sale on in a local charity shop and I picked up some bits including a pair of jeans. When I got home I realised they were maternity jeans but no matter I thought I’d try them anyway. They got halfway up my thighs and then not a hope were they budging any further! At this stage I’m thinking a tent might be the best bet when it comes to clothing.

So is it just me when it comes to modern clothes sizing or can anyone else relate?

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