Sleep and simmering

Thanks so much for the lovely comments especially to my Facebook tribe. I can always rely on someone when I’m on a middle of the night rant. I managed to sleep last night, I feel like I failed because I took a tablet. I’m now suffering this morning – the rotten taste in my mouth and my head moving ten minutes after it was meant too.

I’m home today so I can be dozy in the comfort of my own place. A few things have come up over the last few days. There was almost a very long, angry, blog post yesterday but Andy is a very wise person and advised me to find out the full story before I start complaining. He’s very right so that topic is on hold for now, it doesn’t stop me fuming about it but I tell you something when I find out who was behind this particular situation there’ll be noise made. At the moment I’m simmering quietly…..

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