Inspired Rewired

The other week I went for a treatment with Jason from Inspired Rewired. I met Jason at the Social Coffee Mornings and he is a man with an amazing story. He suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 11 years and in just two months he turned his life around. He’s now helping others transform their lives too.

Jason tried everything to get himself better, some things helped a bit but there was always a relapse and he ended up exhausted again. He went to London and studied the Phil Parker Lightning Process and is now a licensed practitioner.  He is also a hypnotherapist. I was intrigued by both the lightning process and the hypnosis so I had to go to check it out for myself.

On a sunny Friday morning after a little stroll in Union Wood looking for bluebells I headed over to visit Jason. The birds were singing, the trees were rustling and although I was nervous I felt comfortable.

Jason talked to me first to get some idea of where I was at and what I wanted to focus on. It’s all very individual which I really liked. He explained that we have two sides to our brains the positive and negative. I tend to be fairly positive but I have moments, days, weeks of negativity. You know the whole self-doubt thing and not being worthy. My aim of the consultation was to try to relax, if you know me you’ll be shaking your head.

I’m not going to tell you all about the session because it’s something that you need to experience for yourself but in a nutshell it’s about catching yourself when you start down the negative route. Stopping that thought and making a change to the positive. I like the idea of stopping thoughts and of thinking about a solution. Jason was explaining that if we go for a job interview we might think we aren’t worthy that we aren’t going to get the job and this shows in our body language. When we leave the interview we are convinced we aren’t going to get the job. Instead we should think of what happens when we get a phone call to tell us we have got the job. The sights, sounds, smells that we are experiencing. All the senses are involved so for me it’s a very visual thing. So this was the process Jason took me through for relaxation.

Because I’m curious I was also itching to be hypnotised. One year on holiday in Spain I took part in a fun hypnotism and ended up running a round the room like a chicken shouting at people in Japanese for stealing my belly button….so I had visions of me running around Sligo doing similar! It wasn’t like that. There was no watch swinging backwards and forwards, I didn’t have to look into Jason’s eyes and he wasn’t sitting there stirring his cup of tea – you’ll need to have seen the film Get Out to understand that reference.

I was sitting in a chair with my eyes closed and just listening to Jason’s voice. I could still hear the sounds from outside; the birds, the wind, the dog barking in the distance but I could hear Jason above everything else. It was very relaxing.

When it was all over I went home and collapsed into bed and slept for three hours. Now the sleep is still all over the place but since I saw Jason I’ve really enjoyed just sitting and chatting to people. Although I’m still very busy I find that now when I relax I really enjoy it instead of thinking what I should be doing.

I’m also absolutely buzzing with creative ideas, so many of them that I’ve had to start writing them down and a a few days after I saw Jason I got a phone call that might be the start of the change I need. So watch this space….

Thank you Jason for your time and patience. If you’d like to find more about Inspired Rewired you can visit the website. Great news for people all over the world too as Jason conducts his process via Skype as well as in person.



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