Sleepless in Krakow

Have you ever visited a place and felt like you belong? That’s how I feel here in Krakow.

I can’t explain it but I arrived this evening and as I walked around the square I had a pain in my chest from excitement. Now I can’t sleep because I’m longing to be out exploring…and because next door are noisy!

It’s also 20 degrees here so I’m sweltering too. It’s been a long day of travelling so far. Dublin airport is no way as convienient as Ireland West but the executive lounge is the business. A great selection of food and drink and even a shower!

The place I’m staying in here in Krakow is fab. It has an upstairs so could sleep four and ‘unlimited toilet paper’ which seems to be a thing here. A bit like ‘any amount of parking in Sligo’.

I’ve got an early start tomorrow for Auschwitz so I should try to sleep.

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  1. Val that ache in your chest is what happens to me when I visit Ireland but it’s not nearly as strong as the ache in my heart when I’m NOT there. Enjoy yourself.

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