Halfway there

Back to the insomnia but I know it’s just holiday excitement, a strange bed and a couple of shots of alcohol.

I’m halfway to paradise by that I mean Dublin airport. I’m spending the night in Athlone at Lucy and Laurence’s place. We had a lovely evening and I feel very at home here.

We went to visit the meerkats in the pet shp and I had a little tour of AIT. I love the motivational quotes.

The big thing that the last few days have taught me is that positivity will win every time. We only get one chance at life and if we don’t follow our dreams that’s no one’s fault except our own.

Yes it’s hard to do and scary but what’s the alternative? Sitting back, wondering what might have been and blaming others.

I’ve always been a person who wanted to say I did that and not I wish I’d done that. After a lot of bumps along the way I feel the tide is turning and I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Older, wiser…and braver.

2 thoughts on “Halfway there

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  1. I.d swap positive with being realistic fate has a habit of delivering surprise s both good and bad. Much of what comes our way in life is a result of random luck. It’s certainly uplifting to be around positive people and to a least try to succeed but be under no illusion you can’t postive think your way out of a terminal cancer diagnosis ..

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