Words are like weapons

Back to reality today – part of me wants to head off again – well I will be next week but more about that later. There I was minding my own business today when I got told “Anyone can take a photo” – said to me – out of nowhere.

Luckily I’m in a much better place these days and my internal voice told me that’s their opinion and yes indeed anyone can take a photo – but not necessarily a good one. A few months ago I would have been hurt and upset especially when the conversation went on to name fantastic photographers out there. I don’t actually consider myself a photographer, I take photos but I’m not a photographer. I cook dinners but I’m not a cooker 😉

I was just thinking would people go up to the likes of Jamie Oliver or whoever and say anyone can cook a dinner? Anyway that was my welcome back to Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Words are like weapons

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  1. Words are amazing. They are used to build and heal and to diminish or wound. It’s the energy behind utterance that makes the difference.

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