Bleeper Bikes and Car Insurance Hikes

Another random blog title. Firstly I love the Bleeper Bikes, I know I’ve told you about them already but I’m so impressed. I parked out of town again today and cycled in on a bleeper bike – so not only am I saving on car parking costs I’m also getting exercise.

I even cycled in the rain! Now I can’t say it’s easy because there are so many hills between Doorly Park and Sligo town – I jest – there are no hills but I’m quite unfit so it’s a bit of a workout! There was me thinking I’d be cycling to Strandhill or Rosses Point – not quite just yet I think!

I’m actually really enjoying cycling or I was until I was getting off the bike and someone decided to ask me for directions. I had the wrong shoes on and got my foot stuck on the bike (short girl problems again) so there I was like a demented flamingo trying to pretend I wasn’t stuck and telling a driver how to get to Cranmore. He must have thought I was a right eejit!

So enough of the bikes now the car insurance hikes. Every year I marvel at how my insurance goes up even though I have no claims or points and I drive a small car. This year my insurance company quoted me €700 including a €50 renewal fee – renewal fee!! I ask you! Anyway when I picked myself up off the floor I started shopping around. A lot of the companies wouldn’t insure my car because it’s ‘too old’. In the end I got a much cheaper quote, actually quite a few cheaper quotes. So after years of being with An Post insurance I’m gone and I’ve saved €300! If you are looking for insurance try Allianz, they were the cheapest I found.

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