Brunch at Belleek Castle, Ballina

This is a well overdue blog post but it’s worth the wait! Just after my birthday we went to Jack Fenn’s Cafe in the Courtyard of Belleek Castle, Ballina. I’ve been drooling over their Instagram feed since they opened so I had to go and test it for myself.

Firstly I’m very fond of Ballina and North Mayo. It’s such a scenic place and the people are very welcoming and friendly so if you are coming to Ireland do go and visit (especially Dun Briste in Ballycastle). Anyway I’ll carry on with the blog post.

This gorgeous cafe is located in the old stables, which date back to 1820, at Belleek Castle. Belleek Castle is right in the middle of Belleek Woods and I can’t think of anything nicer than a walk in the woods looking for squirrels followed by a cake in Jack Fenn’s Cafe.

We were impressed by the menu, something for everyone. I had the avocado on brioche toast, Lucy had soup – but I think she was drooling over mine – I did share 🙂 Jono had the most amazing looking waffles and at €4 I think that was an excellent price.

We all loved our food and the service was great too. Me and Lucy had to have cake afterwards, just for research purposes of course! I had pistachio cake which was just fab and Lucy had chocolate brownie – gorgeous as well.

I’ll definitely be going back again although next time I’d also love to go on the tour of Belleek Castle – I’ve heard it’s great. I did pop my head into the castle but anxiety had accompanied me so I didn’t ask any questions….next time I’ve be brave 🙂

Just in case some people are wondering, we weren’t invited along and we paid for all our food. It was well worth the visit.



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  1. Ahh, Belleek Castle, lovely place for lunch. Lovely forest walks there, lovely wild flower meadows nearby … and the Ballycastle area so pretty. The castle eatery a favourite of Michael and Eithne Quirke from Sligo too. Perfect day out.

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