I was walking through town today and got chatting to someone who asked if I’d won something. I haven’t – for a change, and when I asked why she said I look like I’ve won something.

It got me thinking for the rest of the day and I’ve decided I have won something. I’ve won my life back and my spring in my step, my sparkle in my eyes and my lust for life.

I feel quite invincible at the moment and I’m looking forward to what the future holds…..even if in the next few days it will be expensive car insurance. I know things are on the turn and for the better. I can feel it and it feels wonderful!!

2 thoughts on “Winning!

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  1. So happy to hear this Val. I’m really pleased for you. Hope this upwards and onwards trend will continue long into the future.

  2. Lovely, Val. Yes, that horrible ol’ car insurance can take the rythym out of the step, and the NCT too. But its just a car!

    I yearn for better public transport, but for now, constantly remind myself of all of the lovely things around me and what I do … should I no longer have a car.

    Congratulations for being where you are 🙂

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