Bleeper Bikes have arrived in Sligo

I’m very excited about this idea – so excited that I seem to be telling everyone I meet about it. Basically it’s Ireland’s first bike sharing scheme, bikes are located around the town, you download the app – scan the code on the bike and cycle away.

There are three different options; pay as you go with rides for 80 cent, or memberships starting from €20 for three months or €75 for the year. It sounded very easy but I was wondering how easy it actually was so I went off to give it a try.

On St. Patrick’s Day I didn’t want to park in town because it can be a pain to get out if I wanted to leave early so I parked in Doorly Park where two shiny Bleeper Bikes were waiting. I’d downloaded the app at home and followed the instructions of scanning the QR code. Hey presto the bike unlocked! After a bit of faffing putting the saddle down (short leg issues) and the fact that I didn’t see the easy lever to lower the saddle off I went.

It was so handy. I cycled along the river, into town and around the parade route. I stopped to take photos along the way and to listen to the Sligo concert band. No worries about car parking and getting a bit of exercise at the same time. I was able to drop the bike off at a designated spot – again very easy to do. I was kind of gutted I didn’t cycle in the parade though….next year maybe 🙂

All in all very easy to use, excellent value and a brilliant idea…and this is not a sponsored post. I really do think this is a fantastic initiative for Sligo – best of luck to Bleeperbikes. I can’t wait for my next ride…..

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