A new look and a locked door

If you read about my morning and were wondering if the day got better, well it did – but it was hilarious – for me anyway. A friend of mine gave me a hairdressing voucher for my birthday. It was for a colour and I really needed it as I had about two inches of roots showing and I’m a devil for just dumping dye on it or spraying it with root spray.

So today was the big day of hair do. I went to the Colour Zone on John Street, I’ve never had my hair done there before so I didn’t really know what to expect but the minute I walked in I felt right at home. There was a lovely atmosphere and Siobhan, the owner, is so friendly. There wasn’t one mention of me either going on holiday or having been on holiday which for me is always a bonus as it kind of puts me off hairdressers.

I was handed the colour chart and I really didn’t know what I wanted although I do have a bit of a thing for ‘different’ colours as I get older. You might remember me putting domestos bleach on my hair in a effort to get a blue streak – it failed and I ended up with a mucky green. As one of the ladies in the salon said it was the right colour for St. Patrick’s Day.

Anyway Siobhan had a chat with me and we both decided my hair was way too dark, it’s naturally dark brown/almost black – with a lot of grey. The trouble is at my age now it was looking too dark and was draining the colour from my face. So the hair got lightened and has different tones put in it and – wait for it – purple underneath it….which I absolutely love!! I have a feeling there’ll be more purple going in next time.

Now if the hairdo wasn’t exciting enough wait until I tell you about the door. It jammed shut and we were all locked in. Siobhan’s brother arrived and tried to get it open but no luck. There were various men climbing in and out the window trying to get it open….it wasn’t budging. For some reason I found the whole situation hilarious  which is good because last time I got locked in a room I had a panic attack!

It was honestly like something you’d see on a comedy show. In the end one of the ladies was hungry so a takeaway got handed through the window, another customer had to leave and she had to climb out the window and then the cavalry arrived in the shape of a locksmith. He had a bit of trouble getting in the window so there was a lot of pushing and shoving going on! I wish I’d filmed it but thought I’d better not.

In the end the glass had to be removed from the door and we could get out – and another customer could get in. I’d say Siobhan and her staff are exhausted tonight but it did give me a laugh.

As for the hair, I really, really, love it. I’m so grateful to my friend for the voucher. The ladies did a smashing job and I will certainly go back – although I might not close the door behind me!

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