A new look and a locked door

If you read about my morning and were wondering if the day got better, well it did - but it was hilarious - for me anyway. A friend of mine gave me a hairdressing voucher for my birthday. It was for a colour and I really needed it as I had about two inches of... Continue Reading →

Hair Raising Experiences

So after my fantastic day at RTE it's back to earth with a bang. The stylists make it all look so easy so I thought I'd try to do my hair like Pam did it. I got the bloody hairbrush stuck!! I couldn't get it out of my hair at all and I had visions... Continue Reading →

The Blow Dry Bar

I had a lovely treat today thanks to The Blow Dry Bar. Anyone who knows me in real life will know my hair is usually tied back number one because I'm too lazy to style it and number two because it usually looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards! As it's my birthday... Continue Reading →

Hairdos at Hot Head

I won a Facebook competition which was a wash, cut and blow dry with Jacqueline Layton who is the new stylist at Hot Head Salon in Riverstown and not only that she is also Sligo's only European gold medalist hair stylist! I was delighted because I really needed a hair cut and it's so lovely... Continue Reading →

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