Insomnia and gratitude

Yes it’s silly o’clock and I’m wide awake. A couple of days ago you’d have got a blog post telling you how wonderful melotonin is. I had two eight hour sleeps because of it. Alas it was too good to last and here I am wide awake.

This time I’m not worrying or anxious for once. I’m mulling over my wonderful day. I can’t believe that Jacintha went to all that trouble for me. I’m well and truly humbled. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. For someone outside my family to go to such lengths has me speechless….and it’s a lovely feeling.

It’d be an even lovelier feeling if I could sleep too. I have counselling later today so I’m probably thinking about that too. It doesn’t upset me but it does make me take a long, hard look at myself and that’s not always easy.

Anyway I’ll say goodnight or good morning depending on which side of the pond you are on xxx


5 thoughts on “Insomnia and gratitude

  1. suzy venuta says:

    Good evening my friend, I’m glad you got a couple of good nights sleep. I thought I would share a little something I found out about myself on my journey…..when I get excited about something- a trip, enjoying the singing, having a great workshop- or something wonderful a friend does for me- like your friend did for you- my body can not tell the difference between fear and excitement, and more often then not I get a restless night, because the body cant tell the difference and thinks we need to be alert- no matter how often I yawn. The fact that you are not stressing about this being awake, is a huge step- make yourself a tea, read a book, or write a blog. Great work and you are not alone in this. Hope counseling goes well, I have a session with my therapist tomorrow also 🙂 I’m looking forward to discovering more. Take good care of yourself ❤

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