Feeling the love

So it’s Valentine’s Day – usually a hallmark day but today has been absolutely wonderful. Firstly it was Bloomin’ Fabulous Vintage Tea Party in aid of the Sligo Rape Crisis Centre.

I made a hat – it was pretty shite to be honest but I tried. I made the SRCC logo and a little teapot and teacup out of clay. I also stuck biscuits all around the hat, well I tried to, a hot glue gun doesn’t work on food….but it does work on hands and hats!

The tea party was just lovely, the food was amazing…especially the Nutella cupcake – oh and the coconut one. The people from the centre were so welcoming and friendly and the Leitrim ladies adopted me – thank you ladies for making me not feel like a Billy no mates as I usually do. Tina won the hat competition with her beautiful mad hatters hat made from a lamp shade and covered with gorgeous handmade fabric creatures and tea cups etc.

After the tea party I went to my friend Jacintha’s house and she told me to sit down and played me a video – it was messages from people wishing me a happy birthday, along with some of my photos. I was gobsmacked, it’s the first time in a long time that I could speak and then she gave me presents including a fabulous hamper from The Food Centre and vouchers from Osta, The Blind Tiger and Heart’s Desire. I was so surprised that Jacintha went to so much trouble and that everyone was so kind to me. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from such kindness. Thank you all so much and it’s not even my birthday until Saturday but wow what a way to start the celebrations.

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  1. I’m getting teary thinking how amazing that surprise must have been Val, and you truly deserve it honey, you really do! If ever there’s proof of just how well thought of you are then Jacintha has presented it to you. How utterly fantastic!! And Happy Birthday for Saturday, sending huge hugs from Penistone. 😀 xxx

  2. Oh this sounds like an absolutely fabulous day, such friends make the weave of life so much richer. Love the basket- WOW!!!!! You deserve it ❤

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