Hair Raising Experiences

So after my fantastic day at RTE it’s back to earth with a bang. The stylists make it all look so easy so I thought I’d try to do my hair like Pam did it. I got the bloody hairbrush stuck!! I couldn’t get it out of my hair at all and I had visions of having to cut it out! Thankfully I calmed down and managed to unravel it without too much hair loss.

It’s not the first hair dilemma I’ve had. I won’t mention trying to dye my hair with Domestos and turning it green, whoops I just did.

When I was a kid I had OCD and for some reason I had to do a little dance before I went to the bathroom, I’ve no idea why – it was just a routine or ‘something bad might happen’. Anyway when we moved back from Australia our house was being rewired so we didn’t have any electricity. My mother was going through a phase of making me look Irish so every night she put rags put into my hair to make ringlets (I hated both the rags and the ringlets). Anyone one night I went to the loo, there were candles in the bathroom and as I was doing my OCD dance one of the rags caught onto the flame and set my hair on fire! Lucky my dad moved fairly quickly and put me out! I didn’t lose much of my hair and the rest of me was OK but it was bloody scary.

Hopefully there won’t be many more hair raising experiences.

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  1. They always make it look easy- been there, done that…:) however, never had rags in my hair to make ringlets and had the rag catch on fire. I’m really looking froward to sitting down with you for a coffee, or two, and some walks and hearing all about your life- you have been places and had experiences. Take good care of yourself, you are worth is. πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Naturally curly hair, hated it as a kid, love it now πŸ™‚ ❀ Always got teased as a kid about it, and being a red head… I laugh at those that teased me, and now have to get perms πŸ™‚

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