Hair Raising Experiences

So after my fantastic day at RTE it’s back to earth with a bang. The stylists make it all look so easy so I thought I’d try to do my hair like Pam did it. I got the bloody hairbrush stuck!! I couldn’t get it out of my hair at all and I had visions of having to cut it out! Thankfully I calmed down and managed to unravel it without too much hair loss.

It’s not the first hair dilemma I’ve had. I won’t mention trying to dye my hair with Domestos and turning it green, whoops I just did.

When I was a kid I had OCD and for some reason I had to do a little dance before I went to the bathroom, I’ve no idea why – it was just a routine or ‘something bad might happen’. Anyway when we moved back from Australia our house was being rewired so we didn’t have any electricity. My mother was going through a phase of making me look Irish so every night she put rags put into my hair to make ringlets (I hated both the rags and the ringlets). Anyone one night I went to the loo, there were candles in the bathroom and as I was doing my OCD dance one of the rags caught onto the flame and set my hair on fire! Lucky my dad moved fairly quickly and put me out! I didn’t lose much of my hair and the rest of me was OK but it was bloody scary.

Hopefully there won’t be many more hair raising experiences.

About magnumlady

Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

3 Responses

  1. suzy venuta

    They always make it look easy- been there, done that…:) however, never had rags in my hair to make ringlets and had the rag catch on fire. I’m really looking froward to sitting down with you for a coffee, or two, and some walks and hearing all about your life- you have been places and had experiences. Take good care of yourself, you are worth is. 🙂 ❤

      1. suzy venuta

        Naturally curly hair, hated it as a kid, love it now 🙂 ❤ Always got teased as a kid about it, and being a red head… I laugh at those that teased me, and now have to get perms 🙂

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