Baby on board on Irish Rail

I was listening to the news today about the introduction of Baby on Board badges to expectant mothers  travelling on Irish Rail. It is hoped that this will encourage other passengers to give up their seats to these ladies.

I have two thoughts on this. The first is what about the people out there with hidden disabilities? What if one of the expectant mothers or indeed anyone else tries to oust them out of their seat? There isn’t a ‘disability on board’ badge yet – thankfully.

My second thought is that if Irish Rail put enough carriages on each service this wouldn’t be an issue at all. When you think some passengers are paying a lot for their journey and might have to travel for several hours, is it feasible to expect these people to stand up?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Baby on board on Irish Rail

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  1. Spot on with your 2nd reason. Its awful to think that Irish Rail are now regarding standing for the journey as being ‘normal’ travel.

  2. Agree with both commenters, but also your point on labeling. No one should have to wear a badge begging for a seat. Good manners should always be in fashion.

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