Facing the world

Today I ventured out of the house properly for the first time in almost a week. It’s probably the longest I’ve ever been at home without cabin fever setting in.

If we hadn’t run out of bread and milk and it was acceptable to eat chocolate oranges for dinner I wouldn’t have moved. The first struggle was trying to get my jeans on! I’ll be cutting out all the rubbish in January, along with most of the rest of the country I imagine.

The second struggle was dealing with the amount of people, town was packed and it was quite hard to deal with but I stuck beside Andy to begin with and I was grand.

We had a mooch around the sales, I had my eye on a lovely rug in Heatons but it was almost double the price in the shop as it was online. I asked the staff about that and they told me the sales are better online so just a heads up in case you are wanting to buy something. It’s a shame really as we are encouraged to shop in actual shops to keep the town alive but if the same store is much cheaper online you’d have to question that.

After a few hours looking around we headed home, I’m delighted because now I’m back to browsing the library website. I’ve already started two online courses. If you are in other parts of Ireland and want to check out the online resources you can do so here:¬†http://www.librariesireland.ie/online-resources/

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  1. Yes, same thing surprised me today, shop staff telling us, there’s better bargains online. Its as if they were talking themselves out of their own jobs.

    1. I don’t understand it John. Before Christmas the media was telling us to shop in actual bricks and mortar shops but why would you want you are paying double the price in some cases?

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