Healy Plants Sligo

A couple of weeks ago I went to Healy Plants near The Holy Well in Sligo. It’s a gorgeous garden centre and even though it was raining I loved looking around.

I’m still trying to get my photography passion back so wandering around looking at the plants and the wildlife was a great way for me to be inspired.

If you’ve noticed the hanging baskets and flowers in Sligo town they have come from Healy Plants. They really brighten up the place.

Of course I ended up coming home with some goodies too. They have a fantastic sale on at the moment with plants priced from €1. I have no idea what I bought but they will brighten up the garden anyway.

I spent way too long watching the birds feeding, they are well used to people so didn’t pay any heed to me. I didn’t get the shot I wanted but this one will do.

After my visit to the garden centre I went to the Holy Well.

This is one of my favourite places in Sligo, even though I’m not religious it is just a very peaceful place to spend some time.

There were a few other people there but it was just so relaxing. The only sounds were from the water and the rain drops. Candles flickered as thoughts and prayers were offered up for loved ones.

Just the perfect way to spend an hour or two.


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  1. Austin Healy does a fabulous job and has the Town looking beautiful, he supplies our plants and hanging baskets at the Riverside Hotel, he arrives does the job no fuss and the place looks amazing with the stunning flowers. I’d highly recommend the service and quality you get from Healy Plants.

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