Away with the fairies

Saturday was a busy day for me and I was anxious about it (no surprise there). There were two events I wanted to attended so I decided to try to brave it.

The first one was Drummartin Country Market just outside Tubbercurry. This market is on every Saturday morning and this week was their 2nd birthday. I turned up, sat in the car, thinking about leaving – all the time talking to myself in my head about what was the worst that could happen? I decided not much and if I didn’t feel comfortable I promised myself I would leave. When I go towards the hall I was greeted by the sound of music and laughter, so I took a deep breath and in I went. The first thing I saw were ducklings so I was quickly at ease and spent ages cooing over them. I actually stayed at the market for quite a while, I managed to speak to my friend and met Fluff, her new little baby duck, so I was delighted I went. I also got a gorgeous bit of carrot cake 🙂

My next visit was to Gillghan’s World to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I wasn’t as anxious this time as I’d got over the jitters by going to the market. This party was just so lovely and I really enjoyed being part of it.

We had a guided tour of Gillighan’s World by Melody the owner.  It’s located at Knocknashee, one of Irelands’ ancient sacred hills, and traditionally known as ” the Hill of The Fairies”

When you arrive at Gillighan’s World you walk through a tunnel which feels like you are stepping into a secret world and leaving the ‘real world’ behind. It’s so very peaceful and relaxing. There are little statues of fairies and other creatures everywhere and I’m sure if you went ten times you still wouldn’t see them all.

I really need to go back again soon and spend a couple of hours just wandering around taking photos. It was the first time in a while since I actually took my camera out of the bag for myself. The place is steeped in folklore and as you walk around by the lake or in the fairy glen you can imagine the little folk walking with you.

After our tour we had a wonderful picnic and even with the heavy rain showers and sheltering under umbrellas it was very special. We were serenaded by Tony who was playing the guitar and softly singing – heavenly.

Poems were next on the agenda, I listened to some beautiful poetry, I have to admit I did chicken out of reading any but it was lovely to listen. Thank you to my friend for inviting me to be part of such a special day.

So that was my Saturday, so very enjoyable and nice to feel calm for those few hours.

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