Health Hazards

It’s been a bit of a week. Very hectic and as usual life doesn’t always go to plan.

It started off with me eating my porridge and biting on something quite hard. It felt like a little stone, on closer inspection it was part of my tooth! Quickly followed by two more parts of the tooth. I would have minded but the porridge was very soft, so, it would seem, was the tooth!

I was left with what felt like a massive crater in my mouth, thankfully I have the best dentist in Sligo (Stephen Campbell, Wolfetone Street). I popped in and he managed to see me between patients and the tooth is perfect once again….shame he can’t fix the rest of me 😉

Why is it when I’m being healthy that I do myself a damage? I’m pretty sure if I was eating Coco Pops my tooth wouldn’t have fallen to pieces.

It got me thinking about the time a kiwi almost killed me (the fruit not a person from New Zealand). I was on a mini health kick and decided to have a fruit salad, the next thing I know my face started swelling. We took trip to the doctor, which involved me waiting for an auld wan to be seen first, when it was my turn my face was so swollen I could barely see. I looked like a giant pig – even more so than usual. The doctor sent me into A&E and by the time I got there I couldn’t breath properly.  I was so bad the family were taken into the relatives room and I was pumped full of all kinds of things and thankfully lived to tell the tale. So who said fruit was good for you??

Anyway life goes on and hopefully next week will be casualty free.


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