Blooms and Birds

I was thrilled to arrive home to find this beautiful basket of flowers yesterday from the lovely people at Feehily’s Florist. They also sent an invitation to their Easter flower arranging night so I’m looking forward to that.

It really brightened my day up as I’d been thinking about my dad who died 8 years ago. I felt he was around yesterday the radio in my car turned up by itself and the radio at home turned down by itself. When dad was alive he could turn the TV and radio up and down just by looking at them. I also saw a white feather which for me is always a sign that a spirit is around. Even if in reality it’s just a bird flying over.

Speaking of birds I got a call this morning from my friend Jacintha. A bird had flown into a shop window in Sligo and was left in a cardboard box out on the pavement. I couldn’t leave the poor thing there so after phoning Little Wings Bird Sanctuary to see what to do she advised me to bring it over to her. It’s a Goldcrest, I’ve never seen one of them before. I’m really hoping it lives and it’s certainly in the right place now as Chris is just wonderful with the birds. Fingers crossed anyway.

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  1. I firmly believe Angels are all around us. I’ve had my own evidence from loved ones who’ve passed over. It’s also good to look out for coins and note the year they are from.

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