Braving the shops

Christmas Eve Eve

Yesterday I had to do a mad dash around the shops as due to the move there wasn’t a thing in the house. I am usually very organised – but this year that went out the window.

I got up early, thinking I was being so sensible, only to realise everyone else had the same idea! Lidl was grand, they’d been open since 7am and I got there before 8 so was in and out in a flash.


Dunnes was like the apocalypse! Queues and people, my idea of hell. I pushed my trolley around with my ten items in it and wondered why I didn’t just get a basket so I could have gone to the express checkout…and why don’t Dunnes in Sligo have self-service check-outs? As I queued for what seemed like a fortnight there was banter to be had with the lady in front. We both agreed that the old days where you had to hunt for your food might have been easier. We also mused that the look on the faces of some of the check-out people could have turned milk sour. Not a fun job at this time of year I’d guess.

I finally paid and escaped in one piece only to find that a flashy car had wedged itself in between two spaces and half an inch away from my car. The gentleman in it was looking very mournful as he realised he couldn’t get out of his door! There was no way I was going to back my car out as I might have scrapped his lovely vehicle. I wound my window down and suggested he park in one of the 50 other available spaces! Or at least reverse so I could get out and he could park properly! Reluctantly he did and off I went on my merry way.

Next stop was Tesco – I went in for one item – no basket needed I thought – I was wrong! My one item turned into a personal game of Jenga as I ended up with armfuls of things I’d forgotten to get elsewhere. I could just about see above my shopping as I clutched it to me. All was going fine until I spotted a vegetarian meal for Lucy, it was the final straw. My Jenga pile collapsed – my cranberry sauce went whizzing across the aisle and my crackers almost bounced off the head of a small child. A nice man stopped to help me and was balancing my goods back onto me again when my packet of stuffing flew out and almost took his eye out! He was muttering about baskets being a very good idea – yes I know that now!

Anyway I did it, I braved the shops and I lived to tell the tale. Only thing is I forgot lemons, lettuce and dog food – oh no the shops call again!!



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