A New Chapter

Do you ever feel that life is ticking along just fine and bang someone pulls the rug out from beneath your feet? Well this happened to us in the last few weeks.

Now I’m probably making it sound a lot more dramatic than it is but I’m usually great at coping with things and this news just floored me. You see we got the news that we are moving. It was completely out of the blue, we hadn’t an inkling that this was on the cards at all. That’s one of the joys of renting. I didn’t say anything sooner because I didn’t want to put a jinx on things and was waiting until we got the keys.

This will be move number 4 in 8 years…..and I’m really hoping it will be the last move, but  you never know what’s around the corner. Speaking of around the corner that’s where we are moving to – well around the corner and up the hill!

The new house is lovely, smaller than the house we are in at the moment. We seem to have accumulated an awful lot of crap possessions in the last couple of moves so all of that has to be sorted through and packed up.

So let the fun begin – and if that wasn’t stress enough our moving date is December 21st – no pressure! Not to mention the fact that the new house isn’t furnished – and when I say that I mean there’s nothing in it. No carpets or curtains, no beds and no cooker. Sandwiches and pot noodles for Christmas dinner, I reckon.

Luckily we have a few bits of furniture collected over the years so it’s not all bad. At the moment we are drowning in a sea of boxes though!

If you live in Coolaney and happen to see a small green car with a giant gnome hanging out of the boot, that’ll be us moving. 😀



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  1. If you’re all sick to the back teeth of it and have a desperate urge for a full on Christmas dinner all of a sudden then get yourselves over here… I ALWAYS cook faaaar too much on Christmas day, you’re VERY welcome to come and join the Pollard Posse! xxxxxxxxx

      1. The offer is there m’darlin. Manchester, across the Woodhead Pass and into the town with the dodgy name and you’re there!! We’ll be the ones with the trashed Christmas tree.

  2. Val, we are having a serious clear-out at the moment too. I am sure you do not want to accumulate even more crap but I have a dining room table with 6 chairs looking for a new home as well as matching side-board and coffee table?? Its yours if you need it we can even deliver 🙂

  3. Nothing stressful as moving a few days before Christmas! I do not envy you, having moved a few times myself, it’s a back breaking job. I wish you and your family the best of luck and a Merry Christmas. (I’tll all work out)!

  4. Good luck with your move….it will be just another adventure for you….turkey sandwiches sitting on the floor on Christmas day x

  5. Oh Val I feel your pain! I moved about 8 times in 10 years – the joys of living in a seaside town with lots of tax break short term rentals. It is so stressful. I hope the move goes well and that you can enjoy Christmas x

  6. Tough timing so close to Christmas, but wishing you all the best from across the pond. A good chance to get rid of some of those possessions you’ve accumulated but are no longer serving their purpose.

    Enjoyed reading about your and Jono’s trip to San Fran earlier this year. D and I flew out of San Fran October 22 on our way home from the Mojave Desert. Too bad our paths didn’t get to cross 😦

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