Living in a Bubble

Life is like some kind of twilight zone at the moment, like living in a bubble suspended from reality. We are still in the process of packing everything up for the move.

A Room with a View

Thank you so much to all of you who offered help or got in touch and left lovely messages about our forthcoming move. We really appreciate it. The photo above is the view from what will be my new bedroom – pretty special isn’t it?

A New Chapter

Do you ever feel that life is ticking along just fine and bang someone pulls the rug out from beneath your feet? Well this happened to us in the last few weeks.

She’s Leaving Home

Well this is a tough one to write. Lucy moves out today, she’s starting college in AIT. It was only a matter of time before she left but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Move on up now

Finally the story of the move, grab a coffee…or a vodka, you might need it. So regular readers will know we’ve moved house, it wasn’t through choice but it’s the joys of renting a house, when the rent goes beyond your means you have to move. It was looming in the background for a long […]

Moving and tagged

Flowing, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It’s been a mad few days. We’ve had to dismantle beds to move them back to their original rooms…..which ended up with hubby straddling across a bed and trying to get a screw in (the bed frame you filthy people)….he nearly did himself a damage, it was hilarious! It’s utter […]