Getting things straight

This evening this comment was left on my blog:

Val aren’t you supposed to indicate when you’re being compensated for a post or product placement on your blog or twitter feed? You seem to promote a lot of goods and services. Some are probably things that you like but others must be for compensation.


The comment is correct, bloggers are supposed to say when they get paid for advertising a product. Sadly I have never been offered payment for promoting anything on either my blog or Social Media to be honest I wish I was paid to do it! I’m happy to spread the word about good services or products especially in Sligo.

The particular comment was left on my Insomnia competition. This came about because I posted a photo on my Sligo Secrets page saying they were opening in Sligo. I try to be all about good news if I can, especially with all the negativity around. Insomnia contacted me and offered a prize for my readers. I wasn’t paid to run the competition.

I have on occasion been invited for lunch or perhaps dinner somewhere or to an event and I always say when I’ve been invited. I have never been paid though and if I was I’d certainly let you know.

So I just want to let you know there has never been a sponsored post on my blog page or my Social Media feeds.

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  1. Some people have nothing better to be doing. I like to read the reviews and enter the competitions when I get a chance. Hopefully some day you will start getting paid for it 😉

  2. And so what if you were?

    Out of curiosity ask that low life would they do the same for the love of a profession or is everything in there life about money?

    The sligo Weekender don’t run ads for free, are they biased? No so in all fareness Val you still put petrol into your car to make the visits to these places even if they offer a free meal (which you’ve just spent on petrol)

    That comment enraged me!

    1. You are dead right Carl. I do pay for my petrol, fares etc. to get to the free meals I am offered now and again.
      There is also the time it takes to write about the meal, photograph it etc. There is no such thing as a free lunch – not in my case anyway.

  3. I’m with Carl. The last thing I think of is if you are being paid or if the blog is making you bankrupt. For me, it’s about the interesting content you share. Thank you for all that xxx

  4. Hi Val It’s lovely read about the positive aspects of our lovely county. There are so many lovely places that you have posted photos of, often off the beaten track. You have a talent for finding new little places to eat and things to see.
    You are a one woman walking advert for Sligo and its congratulations you deserve for the time and energy you invest in the blog. Please keep blogging. I look forward to reading it 😊

  5. Great post Val. It is funny, some people’s perspective on how blogging, social media influencing etc works. Keep up your consistently lucid and balanced content, it is always delightful up read. 👍

  6. Some people are so small minded and mean spirited. Your blog is uplifting and natural and your photography beautiful. I love to hear and see about things going on in Sligo and Ireland , as , I’m sure, do other folk on FB. Keep up the good work. And be sure to let everyone know when you become a millionaire due to your ‘ promotions’….we will be so jealous. xx

  7. Sligo Tourism are missing a beat not having you as their paid Ambassador. They and local businesses benefit from all your posts

  8. Val anyone who has been really following your work and blog know that you do so much to promote our beautiful county by taking amazing photos and recommending the best places to go to from your own experiences as you are always out and about exploring. You have a very positive attitude in what can be a very negative world. Keep up the good work and enjoy your occasional comp meal or coffee

  9. Firstly Val, keep up the excellent work you do,
    Whose business is it but your own Val whether you get paid or not. Just ignore these silly comments.
    Looking forward to your next blog update.
    Regards from your London followers

  10. Personally Val I don’t think that you should have to explain yourself to anyone but I understand why you have. We all love your photos and blogs about Sligo, in all the negativity these days they make us feel good looking at them.
    You go on enjoying those rare invites to dine, giving free publicity, cos I’m sure, like myself, all your followers would love to do the same. X

  11. I must admit I usually put a disclosure on a blog post whenever I think there might be a doubt as to whether or not there was a freebie or pay involved, because people can be so suspicious, and like you I love promoting things that I think are great. Keep up the good work for Sligo x

  12. Hi Val, just trying to leave a comment , but unless I log in using twitter or FB it doesn’t look as if I’m being able too.
    Anyway just wanted to say I was appalled that someone would want to know your business if you get paid or not!

  13. Val, looks like I got my comment on ( I’m a bit of an old dinosaur when it comes to techno stuff) keep up your very interesting work, we love your updates here in London.

  14. The commenter makes a reasonable point. No big deal if Insomnia contacts you afterwards and offers gift card and you state this. But I also agree that it’s reasonable to know when you are getting comp-ed a meal at a restaurant (or any other type of comp) you review because that can’t help but color your view of that establishment.

    (I have no clue what the actual rules are around this issue but I will say that stating “invited” is not exactly the same as saying you were comp-ed. That’s a little less than full disclosure, IMHO.)

    Keep promoting Sligo!

    1. Point taken, I will keep that in mind for the future. I have to say I am always honest in my blogs even if I’m invited to something. On a very rare occasion if there’s something I don’t like I won’t write about it. I can’t recommend something if I don’t think it’s good enough.

  15. Maybe an idea would be to have near the top of those posts a note of NOT a paid endorsement. Like an anti-disclaimer 🙂

  16. I have always got support from Val and never never had to or was asked for payment. Val writes and promotes Sligo and should be paid because she does a great job for us all. Keep up the good work Val.

  17. Dont heed the begrudgers. You have been a neighbour of mine a lot of years, you enjoy what you do thats why you do it. You have shown initative and people enjoy what you write about . Dont let any Negative people rent a space in your head.
    Evict them thats my motto.

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