A Feathered Fundraiser

Autumn from Little Wings

Last week myself and Lucy went along to the Little Wings Bird Sanctuary Fundraiser. A couple of times a year the sanctuary, based in Banada, Co. Sligo, put on a ‘Fun Dog Show’. It’s always great fun and this time was no exception.

This time the lovely Pauline McLynn (who you would know as Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted) was there. Pauline had a stall selling tea cosies and candles that she had made herself and was giving the proceeds to the sanctuary. Pauline was telling me she loves knitting so she knitted all the tea cosies, she also knits little jumpers for rescued battery hens. What a lovely thing to do!

Pauline also did an obstacle course with Nugget the Chicken – I’m not going to say much about it, just watch the video 😀

Little Wings is a safe haven for rescued garden birds including the Corvids, Pigeons and Ducks, Geese and Hens. The sanctuary takes in birds that have been injured or abused and rehabilitates them so that they may be released back into the wild. If, for any reason, birds are not able to be released, our birds are free to live out their lives in a peaceful, free range, environment.

There are over 140 birds in their care at the present time so any help, however small, is very much appreciated. If anyone would like to make a donation or provide grain, seed, wild bird seed, fat balls etc please contact Christine, Tel. 071 918 1587 or 086 0273 337

Nugget the chicken runs the Little Wings Facebook Page – it’s such a lovely page with wonderful photos of the birds snuggled up with the dogs. Well worth checking out.

I’m looking forward to the next fundraiser already 🙂

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