Ireland’s Pet Expo 2016

Mr. Mutley the Skateboarding dog

After trying for the last few weeks to win tickets to the Pet Expo at the RDS Dublin I finally won them from WoofAdvisor – a great site for planning holidays with your pooch. So today I had a lovely day out in Dublin.

When I went to take out my camera I realised I’d left the battery at home on charge – trust me! So all the photos are from my phone.

Vivien the hedgehog

There were all kinds of different animals there and lots of animal feeds, products etc. There were also various charities including the Donkey Sanctuary and Irish Therapy Dogs.

Donkey Sanctuary

Irish Therapy Dogs

In the afternoon a fun dog show and a cat show were taking place although I left before they started to get the train home. There were also dog agility displays and loads more.

Dogs at the Pet Expo

There were various different breeds of dogs, some I’d never seen before and they were all really well behaved – just as well I didn’t bring my two!

Dog Bakery

There was even a dog bakery!


I even faced a fear and held Rosie the Tarantula!  I came home with loads of free samples for my boys, so they are delighted. Thanks again to WoofAdvisor for a lovely day, the Pet Expo is on tomorrow at the RDS in Dublin. The rest of my photos are here.

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