The Making of a Medium – Sean Conway

Sean Conway

Now and again I get to meet very interesting people through the blog. Today was one of those days, when I met up with Sean Conway to hear more about the documentary The Making of a Medium.

Sean has struggled for years to come to terms with, and understand, the people he sees around him on an almost daily basis. Having psychic abilities can be a taboo subject for a lot of people but sometimes it just takes one person to speak and others will follow. Sean is that person.

I had such an interesting chat with him today and was fascinated by the stories he told me. I’m sure some people don’t believe in the ‘other side’, but who’s to say if you can’t see something it doesn’t exist. In fact when I was talking to Sean he said there was a small man behind him with a sallow complexion holding a brief case….this I’m sure, is my dad. I have my own experiences to tell – and one day I might.

The Making of a Medium documentary tells Sean’s story and is directed and produced by┬áNiall Flynn and┬áJames Dennison from Atlantic Light Productions. It will screen on October 28th, 2016 at The Model, Sligo and all proceeds are in aid of the MS Centre Sligo. You can buy tickets at Hearts Desire, Sligo or online.

October 30th 2017 the documentary will screen at the Sligo Omniplex.

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