Scales and Feathers at Eagles Flying

eagles flying

Last weekend I went back to Eagles Flying. It’s one of my favourite places to visit.

There are some many wonderful birds and animals there and the people who run it are so knowledgeable about them all. The birds of prey fly right over your head during the flying display. It’s amazing to see these beautiful creatures up close.

Red eyed tree frog

There was a reptile exhibition on at the weekend, so we also got to see a whole host of reptiles.


There were some really interesting creatures, it’s the first time I’ve seen most of them up close. The next ‘Scales and Feathers’ event is the last weekend in July. It’s not to be missed.

Baby pig

As well as the flying display there is a pet zoo….where you can meet pigs, cuddle a bunny and even get pick-pocketed by a raccoon. My favourite animal was the baby pig, I had a lovely cuddle with him – although his auntie wasn’t too impressed!

Lothar with a fox that he nursed back to health. Photo by Eagles Flying

I also loved the foxes, we had a fox that visited our old house every evening, I miss not seeing him now that we’ve moved. Eagles Flying now have three foxes, they take in sick and injured animals and nurse them back to health. They had hoped to release the foxes back into the wild but two of them are now so tame and trusting of people that they can’t do that. They are in the process of building a big enclosure for them but as they mostly rely on donations and the entrance fee to keep the centre running this is proving difficult. If you can help them please donate what you can or if you know of any unwanted building materials please get in touch.

Family day out at Eagles Flying

Eagles Flying is a perfect day out for all the family. It’s open every day until October and well worth a visit. Don’t just take my word for it though….go and have a visit. You’ll be delighted you did. The rest of my photos from Eagles Flying are here.


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