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I logged onto Facebook this morning to read the following status from Sup For All:

SUPforall regretfully wishes to inform the national and international paddling community and to whom it concerns that we have ceased all SUP and Lake-shore activities at Trawane Bay pending a Sligo Circuit Court Decision due on June 7th 2016.

This legal action, initiated by Sligo County Council, against David O’Hara|SUPforall demands for a cessation of all Stand Up Paddle activity from this location.

SUPforall will clarify our position following the Courts Ruling.

I know there are two sides to every story but I honestly can’t see the logic behind this decision.

This is my point of view:

I’ve known David O’Hara for many years now, he’s the kind of person you can go to if you need anything. He’s one of the best ambassadors that Sligo has and does monumental work promoting the county and all it has to offer. Supforall is┬ábased on Trawane Bay, just across from the Lake Isle of Innisfree on the shores of Lough Gill. It was the perfect place to bring tourists and locals and let them experience the peace and tranquillity of walking on water and seeing Sligo from a different point of view.

People have paddled in sunshine and rain. Whatever the weather David would be there with a smile on his face, doing what he loves best and sharing his passion of Stand Up Paddling with anyone who wanted to join him.

There were dawn chorus paddles, paddles over to Innisfree with musicians playing on the island or perhaps David reciting the famous poem. There were even paddles under the light of a full moon with the mist rising and just the sound of water lapping the lake shores.

This was a sport that all abilities and all ages could take part in and it wasn’t just about the paddling. It was the sense of peace, just a short drive out of Sligo town and you could relax completely. I’ve spent many happy hours sitting beside the camp fire with tea from a tin mug discussing thoughts with like-minded people.

If David isn’t allowed to continue what next for Sligo? Will people be told they are no longer allowed to visit the Lake Isle of Innisfree? Will tourists be turned away? We need to encourage David and others like him to continue doing the good work they are doing.

I’d like to wish David and his family all the very best and I do hope things work out for the best.

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  1. Absolutely agree with all of the above and I want to offer Dave Ohara my support you have brought much needed energy and passion to Sligos tourist offering, please like and share this in solidarity with a man only trying to make a living for his family.

  2. What a disgrace Sligo C.C are , we have been to SUP 4 all while visiting our family & on one trip had a family group of 18 plus , what an amazing time we had, to see & enjoy the beauty of Sligo & the kindness & care of David & his team , we still talk about our adventure on the isle on innisfree , David wishing you & your team our best & hope you take it all the way & finish on Top #supporting #SUP4ALL#FROM#NYC

  3. My thoughts are with you David & your family. I’ve had some great experiences with you there and on other stores. I hope this gets resolved in your favour. Good luck mate!

  4. This is disgraceful, David & all at Sup 4 All are fantastic, they do a gr8 job promoting Sligo & the Lake Isle of Innisfree, very dissspointed with SCC at a time when we should be encouraging tourism & outdoor activities, David & all your team we fully support u, best of luck and hopefully b back where you belong soon

  5. Can’t believe that this small business is being shut down by the same authorities that cry out for entrepreneurs. What would be better than a marina at Aughamore where these types of business would help keep our kids at home as well as helping the area and promoting tourism. I don’t suggest we go the Enniscrone route but it was one man with a vision that brought more focus on Enniscrone and Sligo world wide ,than the so called tourist board we have in the last ten years. Give David support .

  6. As usual this will be something about sligo c.c wanting their piece of action aka rates. Cromleach Lodge had to pay 50,000 a year in rates, where you don’t even get a wheely bin collected. Sligo.c.c are making it impossible for valid strong businesses to survive. An entrepreneur comes up with a clever idea, spends time and money developing it and sligo looking for cash as if it’s a royalty payment.

  7. That is absolutely bonkers – what planet are these people on?David is a great character with a fantastic environmentally friendly business who promotes this most beautiful part of the country with a heart full of passion and sensitivity for the history and natural beauty all around. Just look at the posts from hundreds of more-than-satisfied customers (although David would be more likely to call them friends) I am so angry at this,I really hope common sense prevails and David is allowed to continue promoting Ireland better than anyone else I know.

  8. This is heartbreaking. David doing beautifully what needs to be done but what is all of this consistent sabotage by Sligo CC, David, Lissadell, Cromleach Lodge, and starting to look like Lough Gill Tours has vanished. Some of this is due to chronic expansion of detailed health and safety laws and the near racketeering rules of insurance companies. Litigation has become a huge ‘industry’ in Ireland, instantly creating millionaire lawyers, second to the USA. Part of Slio CC decisions may be around this. As you say, Val, two sides of the story. However I think Sligo CC should have the balls to protect their innovative healthy tourism.

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