Ideal Homes and Umbrellas

Dublin from the train

A random title but all will become clear. Yesterday I went up to Dublin for the Ideal Home Show at the RDS. Permanent TSB were giving away free tickets, so happy days.

Mullingar Station

I took the 7am train from Sligo which arrived in Dublin just after 10am. It’s a long old trek, I remember years ago it only took about 2 and a half hours on the train, you’d think things would have improved. Anyway I’m rambling now. The pic above is Mullingar Station taken on the phone.

Eco Taxi

From Connolly Station I got the DART to Sandymount, which is the nearest station for the RDS. There were these cool Eco taxis taking people to the show and they were free!

Teeth Whitening

The Ideal Home Show was huge and included all kinds of everything, you could even get your teeth whitened! My favourite part was the Harvey Norman Connected House especially the Nespresso machine which you could work through your phone. So you could be in bed and use the app so the coffee would be ready for you when you got up! I also liked the fridge that had a camera inside so you could be at work and see exactly what is in your fridge so you’d know what shopping you needed. Very clever indeed! Oh for the day when these gadgets will be so clued up you won’t have to lift a finger at all. I think a self cleaning bathroom would be nice and a real life washing fairy.

Idea Home

I had an enjoyable few hours looking at all the gadgets and gizmos at the show. I was very taken with the lights and the interior design stands. So many great ideas for homes and well worth a visit. The rest of my photos from the show are here.

Record Store Day

I made my way back to the city and popped into Tower Records for Record Store Day. The place was packed so I didn’t really have a proper look. Mind you I’ve got so many albums on vinyl already, it’s probably not wise to add to the collection.


Zozimus was next on my list. I’d see photos on Instagram of this place, they have umbrellas strung up across the lane in front of the bar. Quite a few of them are now missing but it was cool all the same. I’d love to see something similar in Sligo, it’ll certainly help with all the rain we get.

Temple Bar Food Market

Next a look around the Temple Bar Food market, it’s the first time I’ve been there and it was brilliant. All kinds of gorgeous food and a brilliant buzz around the place. It’s on every Saturday as far as I know so do check it out.

So that was my Saturday in Dublin. Hope you all had a good one too. If you ever have any suggestions of interesting places you think I should visit do drop me an email:

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