Having a feast at Henry’s

Henry's Bar and Restaurant

Nestled under ‘Bare Benbulben’s Head’ and very conveniently on the N15 (Sligo – Donegal Road) is Henry’s Bar and Restaurant. I was delighted when, a few weeks ago, Lucy won a meal for two from Henry’s and invited me to go along with her! We were in for such a treat. The menu is extensive and we were worried about Lucy’s options because she can’t eat dairy and doesn’t eat meat but Henry’s were so helpful and accommodating.  Lucy has written all about it on her blog, so she can tell you all about that.

Lamb Kebabs

As for me, well I’m sure I left 4 stone heavier than when I went into the restaurant! I was spoilt for choice as what to order, in the end I went for the lamb kebabs for a starter. The kebabs were served with Moroccan rice and creme fraiche. This would easily have done as a main course as it was huge!

Blade of Beef

The main course was amazing. I went for the 14 hours roasted Blade of Beef, this was served on a bed of garlic mash and topped with parsnip crisps. There was a side of seasonal vegetables in a cheese sauce. The beef just melted in the mouth and was perfect. I would definitely have this again.

Eton Mess

For dessert I went for the Eton Mess. This was served in a Knickerbocker glory glass and was the perfect combination of meringue, cream and fresh berries.  All in all it was a fabulous meal and I’m certainly going back again. Another bonus with Henry’s (as if the food wasn’t enough) is that they have a shuttle bus so if there is a gang of you they’ll bring you home (within a certain distance of course). No more worries about having a designated driver.

Well done Henry’s for top-notch food and service and thanks a million Lucy for bringing me along!

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