Sligo Food Trail

Anthony Grey and Adrian Cummins

Last night saw the launch of the Sligo Food Trail. The event was held at The Model, Sligo and people came from all over the country to find out more.

Prannie Rhatigan and Eithna O'Sullivan

The Sligo Food Trail isn’t just about fabulous places to eat and drink it also delivers an experience. Don’t just come to eat the food, go out with Prannie to learn all about seaweed and forage for it. Taste the delights of it at Eithna’s By The Sea in magical Mullaghmore. Go walking with Seatrails and find out about the history of Sligo.

Cawley's and Wild Wet Advntures

Explore South Sligo and go off the beaten track. Take to the water with Wild Wet Adventures. Let Sligo blow you away – in more ways than one.


See it, taste it, live it! From the windswept sandy beaches, to the hidden forest, the people, the adventures, the culture, the music and of course the food. It’s all waiting for you here in Sligo, Ireland’s hidden gem – and hopefully not a secret any more.

You can find out more about the Sligo Food Trail here and find the rest of my photos from the launch here.



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