Easter Saturday in Galway

Galway food festival

I headed over to Galway yesterday to check out the Galway Food Festival. I’m a big ‘foodie’ so when I saw the festival was on I just had to go for a look.

Rainy Galway


The weather was fine when I left Sligo but shortly after I arrived in Galway the heavens opened. I almost ended up at a funeral to escape the rain! Ended up in O’Connor’s Cafe instead – you never know I might be related.

Hey ewe

I loved the AgriAware mobile farm. That was one of the first things I saw when I arrived at the Woodquay Market.

Sunshine the Dexter Cow

Some very cute animals to be seen including baby lambs, 2 week old goslings (not ducks as I first thought!), pigs, chickens, rabbits and Sunshine the Dexter Cow.


It was lovely to meet the people behind Clew Bay Cookies and Velvet Cloud Sheep’s milk yogurt (soon to be found in Tir na Nog, Sligo). I should have asked about milking the sheep, I’ve milked a cow and a goat but not a sheep….yet!


It was strange being in Woodquay again as it’s where my Nan lived and I spent a lot of my school holidays there. It hasn’t changed much, the little ‘huxter’ shop is still there, I can’t remember what it used to be called but a lovely man called Danny used to run it. I always thought Danny Boy was written after him!

The Wild Irish Forager

Anyway back to the food festival. I didn’t go to any of the ticketed events as I was only around for a few hours so I just wandered  around the markets. I would have loved to see the markets all in one place though. It would have created a bigger buzz and of course we wouldn’t have got as drenched. I loved the idea Taste of Donegal has where all the stands are under the same marquee.

Daffodils in the rain

I would go back again though and perhaps next time spend longer and see more. The food festival continues all over the weekend and you can find out more on the website.  You can see the rest of my photos here.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I was in Galway too on Saturday, didn’t get to check out much of the festival though disappointingly as the weather was so wet. Will go for longer than a day next year!

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