Good Friday in Sligo

Sligo Tidy Towns

Today was the annual Good Friday Clean-up with Sligo Tidy Towns. It was great to see so many volunteers of all ages turn up to lend a hand, especially as it was a cold, blustery day.

We went around the town for two hours collecting all kinds of rubbish, mainly cigarette ends (put them in a bin please folks). There were also a few election posters rescued and between us all we filled a council lorry with rubbish.


Brendan went along the banks of the Garovogue River and found two sets of false teeth, a pair of reading glasses and two mobile phones!

Cake from Cafe Fleur

When we’d finished collecting the rubbish Des from Cafe Fleur arrived with some much-needed refreshments, I was never more delighted to see cake! Thanks Des, it was gorgeous!

NW Futures Fair

After the clean-up we headed to The Glasshouse for the Ocean FM NW Futures Fair.  There were over 200 jobs are on offer from business throughout the North West including:

Local Enterprise Office Sligo
Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Sligo
AbbVie Inc.
Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group
Kingsbridge Private Hospital
Bluebird Care
St. Angelas College, Sligo
LotusWorksPramerica Italia
MSLETB Training Centres – Sligo and Ballina
Look West
SF Engineering
Innopharma Labs
IT Sligo
Sligo Leader Partnership Company Ltd

I didn’t get a job but I had a look around anyway. The place was packed which was great to see.

When I got home it was time for my second litter pick of the day. This time in our village, another load of rubbish collected – some people are filthy!

So that was my Good Friday. If you want to volunteer with Sligo Tidy Towns they’d love to hear from you and it’s not all litter picking. You can find them here.


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