Sligo on Stage

Youth Theatre/ Fun CompanyIn the last couple of weeks I’ve been to the theatre twice. I love going to see shows, it’s a great night out. I’m also interested watching the actors as it gives me inspiration for my drama classes.


The first show I went to see was the Sligo Youth Theatre’s production ‘In the Belly of the Wolf’. This was performed by the youngest group in the Sligo Youth Theatre and I was blown away by how brilliant these kids were. I also got the chance to see them warm up before the performance with Jean-Maire Perinetti, the director of the theatre, it was amazing to see how they went from one emotion to another. I wish I’d been part of a drama class when I was a child, they made it look so easy.

Sligo Fun Company

The next show I went to see was the Sligo Fun Company/Chapel Lane School of the Performing Arts production of Joseph and the amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I’ve turned out to be a big musical fan as I’ve got older, mainly because of the wonderful shows that the fun company put on. This was a youth theatre production and again another talented group of young people. The costumes, acting, singing and dancing were fantastic.

Sligo Fun Company

Both theatre companies should be very proud of themselves and I’m hoping I will get to see a lot more shows this year. If you get a chance to see either Sligo Youth Theatre or the Sligo Fun Company I’d highly recommend it.


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  1. Well, as you know I adore shows too and I just know that I would have enjoyed these productions. Well done to all involved, I know how much sweat and tears goes into to getting them up on stage on opening night.

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