New Year – New Phone

Water droplets on a CD

I was scrolling through Twitter last week and a sponsored advert jumped out at me (so yes they do work!). Tesco Mobile were offering a Huawei P8 mobile phone free with a €30 a month contract.

Now I’ve just done 4 years with Meteor and I really didn’t want to go down the contract road again but Tesco were giving 500 texts, 500 minutes and 15GB of data for the €30. This compared to what I was paying with Meteor – €46  a month for 100 minutes, 100 texts and a lousy 1GB of data.

Also it wasn’t all plain sailing with Meteor, when I phoned up to cancel the girl was really quite rude, she couldn’t understand how 1GB of data wasn’t enough and was quizzing me on what I was using it for!

Raindrops on grass

Long story short. I did some research on the P8. The camera is the most important part of the phone for me and when I read that it had a DSLR-level Image Signal Processor I was more or less sold. Plus as the phone was free (yes I know I’m paying a contract, but sure I would have had to top up anyway) it really was a no brainer.

In I went to the lovely Bob in Tesco Mobile, Sligo. I found out all about the phone and the contract and headed over to Meteor to see if they could match the Tesco offer – they couldn’t. So 15 minutes later there I am with a shiny P8! First impressions I absolutely love it! It’s very responsive, the battery lasts ages (I got two days out of it and I’m on my phone a lot), the camera is just amazing. The photos on this post are from it – not edited in any way. The Afternoon Tea photos were taken with it too.

Coloured pencils and a blue sky

It’s even given me my photography mojo back and I’m having fun trying out different shots on the camera. It even has a cool ‘light painting’ feature – slow shutter speed basically. So you get car light trails, moving water shots and even starry skies. I’ve only tried this once as you will need a tripod and part of mine is missing.

Light painting mode

It even made me look halfway decent in a selfie shot! A miracle in itself! I’m the one on the right just in case you are wondering.



So that’s just a brief bit about the phone. If you are in the market for one I would highly recommend it. This blog post isn’t sponsored by Huawei or Tesco Mobile.  You can read more about the phone here.

8 thoughts on “New Year – New Phone

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  1. Great shots Val, im gonna be in the market for a new phone soon. My HTC one battery is terrible. Will defo be checking out your recomendation. AA good camera phone is a big must for me too,
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hmmmm…I think an upgrade is in my near future. 🙂 I have a Huawei Y550, and it’s excellent, but this sounds/seems even better. I love all the photos you’ve shared here, but the selfie with yourself and Puggley is adorable. )

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