Sligo Stories

Old O'Connell Street looking n
Postcard courtesy Mickey Holmes and sourced from Jim McSharry Sligo Postcards and Photos

The Hawk’s Well Sligo Stories project has had a really enthusiastic response from the public to their call out for cuairteoiri – volunteers who will interview and record those who have stories to tell about Sligo in the early 1900s. The training event in October was a lively and informative afternoon with their visiting guest speaker, Carmel O’Dea from Cuaimhneas an Chlar, an established story-collecting group in Co. Clare. Attendees were instructed in best practice for successful interviewing.

Sligo Stories is a project devised by the Hawk’s Well Theatre. 1916 will mark one hundred years since the 1916 Easter Rising, and as such, we reflect on this seminal time prior to the foundation of the state. Sligo Stories seeks to collect stories about Sligo circa 1916, in particular those that refer to Sligo Gaol and its environs, but also general anecdotes about life in Sligo at that time are of interest – first hand accounts as well as those that are passed down through families and friends.

These general accounts will help paint a more informed picture of what life was like in Sligo at this time. These stories will be recorded and used as research material for a piece of theatre that will be created by the Hawk’s Well Theatre and the theatre artist in residence, Bob Kelly.

It is not too late to get involved in the Sligo Stories project. If you would like to become a cuairteoir – a collector of these stories, or if you would like to tell your own stories or know of people who have interesting tales to tell, contact

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