A flying visit to the UK


Last weekend meself and himself headed over to the UK. Andy’s family live over there so it was lovely to see some of them and also some friends. We had to fly to Gatwick because Andy doesn’t have a passport so there was a lot of driving to do. I saw a lot of motorways and traffic jams.

Luton fireworks

We arrived on Friday evening right during the rush hour and hired a car from the airport. We ended up with a Fiat 500 which was similar to driving a skateboard. It was very light on the road and it felt every single bump. My nerves were in bits as not only did I have to drive down the M25 I also ended up in the fast lane of the Dartford Tunnel with a lorry alongside me. Bearing in mind most of the traffic jams here consist of sheep and tractors I was very much out of my comfort zone and I didn’t relax the whole time I was there. I even dreamt about driving!  It also wasn’t helped by the stupid woman who almost drove into me. Anyway apart from the driving it was a nice trip. We got to see the fireworks display in Luton, hence the fireworks photos. We also had a very brief look in The Mall, Luton (formally the Arndale Centre).

Luton at night

Luton has really changed since we lived there 24 years ago. It was nice to see it but I couldn’t imagine living there again. A lot of the people seem very stressed (I’m not surprised with all that traffic!)

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Dunstable which clean and comfortable plus there was breakfast included in the price, so an added bonus.

Andy at the tree cathedral

I didn’t take that many photos, there wasn’t really much to inspire me but we had a little spin out to Whipsnade and I really loved it there. We found a ‘tree cathedral‘, a beautiful place and well worth a visit.

Summer Chapel

We also found this gorgeous little thatched cottage in Whipsnade which I believe used to be owned by the man who designed the tree cathedral. The cottage dates back to the 1800’s and was up for sale a couple of years ago for £350,000

Thatched Cottage

There is fencing all around the cottage now so I presume it has been sold. It would make the most beautiful home when it’s restored.

So that was our flying visit to the UK. I need a holiday to recover 😉

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