Derry Scary

City Walls

Yesterday Jono and I went to visit Derry for the day. I’ve heard it’s the best place to celebrate Halloween and they had events running all week so we decided to check it out. It’s almost a 3 hour bus trip each way but it’s well worth the journey.

St. Columb's Cathedral

The first thing we did was have a walk around the city walls. I went on a walking tour last time we came to visit but this was Jono’s first time to walk on them and to see Derry from a different perspective.

Sea creature

We saw some weird and wonderful creatures in the grounds of St. Columb’s Cathedral. We would have liked to have gone inside the cathedral to have a look and there is a small donation required to go in but as it states no photography is allowed we gave it a miss.

The Craft Village

We had a look around The Craft Village, where they had all kinds of workshops going on. We were hoping to go on a ghost tour at the Tower Museum but there was a long queue and Jono is suffering with his back so we had to pass.


We had a look around the great selection of shops. There are a lot of pound shops, which suits me fine: Poundworld, Poundland, Poundsworth, I can’t believe it’s only a pound…OK I may have made the last one up! I really like the Foyleside Centre, they have free WiFi and a place to charge your phone and leave your shopping.

Big bird We loved looking around the market and suddenly these guys appeared! They were brilliant!


They had the crowd in awe as they swooped down to say hello…or try to eat people! I took a little bit of video so you can see more.

The Peace Bridge

We walked over the Peace Bridge to the funfair. We didn’t go on anything due to Jono’s back and me being a chicken but it was fun to watch.

Flying Swing

There really was so much happening all over the city and a fantastic atmosphere. The place was alive with the sights and sounds of Halloween and everywhere you turned was a creature or something amazing to see.

Fire breathers

All to soon it was time to get the bus back home. We missed the parade because we had to leave, I’d love to stay overnight next time so we can really see it all. Well done Derry, we think you are just brilliant!! The rest of my photos are here.

Underneath the City Walls

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