Exciting Enniscrone


Sometimes everything not only goes to plan but turns out to be much more than I expected it to be. This happened to me in Enniscrone. I had a long overdue visit planned as part of the #wawayfarer project. Mairead from Discover Enniscrone was just fantastic putting me in touch with people who wanted to get involved. One of those people was Mikee Hamilton from Harbour Sup & Sail. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone I knew I would like him…and I did!

SUP in the sea

Of course the first part of the adventures is always the hardest, with me trying to struggle into a wetsuit. I’ve spent so much time in the water in the last two weeks I really should just wear one all the time and be done with it….although I do think I look like a black pudding in one! Anyway I got there and Mikee showed me how to get onto the board safely – another achievement – as I’ve never been stand-up-paddling in the sea. All was going very well and I even got the hang of turning around thanks to Mikee’s excellent instructions. It was all going so well until I lost my balance and ended up in the sea!

I love being in the water so much now that I thought it was great. Judging by the laughter coming from the onlookers they did too!


I even managed to clamber back onto the board, wonders will never cease. After that excitement, little did I know more was to come. Mikee told me he had a surprise for me and did he just! The next minute I knew I was on the back of a jet ski and we took off to explore Enniscrone. Mikee showed me Killala and Bartragh Island. We also saw lots of seals and we took a break for me to explore the beach and the sand dunes of Enniscrone.


It’s a beautiful unspoilt beach and the day I was there it was so warm that you wouldn’t think you were in Sligo or in Ireland. I got back on the jet ski and off we went again, it was so magical, surrounded by rainbows caused by the sun hitting the waves. Mikee decided to make it a real adventure and we ended up surfing the waves on the jet ski. It was like being on a powerful horse, just amazing!! Here I have to apologise to Mikee as I deafened him with my screams and laughter – just be thankful there is no video!


When we arrived back on dry land Mikee told me that Christine had invited me for a seaweed bath at Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths, which was just fantastic and much-needed.

Kilcullen's Seaweed Baths

The water is hot sea water pumped in from the Atlantic. It was just so relaxing. I did have more photos but my memory cards have been playing up so I lost them. I will be back in Enniscrone next week so I will take some more.

Diamond Coast Hotel

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better I got a message on Twitter inviting me for lunch at the Diamond Coast Hotel which was the icing on the cake! It’s a beautiful place and the food is wonderful.

Enniscrone Horses

After such a wonderful day it was sad to say goodbye but as Arnie says ‘I’ll be back!” Thank you so much to all in Enniscrone for your hospitality.

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  1. This sounds like a little bit of heaven to me, Val. It’s been too long a time since we went to Enniscrone, but you’ve inspired me to return there very soon. You definitely had one fantastic day there, going by your words and the great photos – very clearly enjoying every minute of it. I might even get in the car and get out there today. šŸ™‚ Thanks for this, Val.

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