Glens to Sea

Round Tower

Glens to Sea is a voluntary heritage group that was set up in 2012. They straddle 40 townlands in North Sligo and Leitrim.  They have had various meetings consisting of conversations covering various topics including farming, community development and life on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Yeats Grave

I decided to go on part of the Glens to Sea drive which starts in Drumcliffe where you can visit the grave of the famous poet WB Yeats. You can also see the Round Tower which dates to the 10th/11th century.

Drumcliffe Tea House

If you are hungry there’s the Drumcliffe Tea House which have lovely food (I recommend the banoffee pie!) There is also a wide variety of gifts.


Back in the car and it was on to Grange where there is a lovely park to stretch your legs or for the little ones to play.


I took a little detour in Grange and headed to Streedagh beach as it was such a fantastic day. You can just about see Classiebawn Castle in Mullaghmore in this photo.


After a quick walk along the beach it was back in the car and again I took a little detour and went down to Milk Harbour which is just off the main N15 road.

Milk Harbour

On to Cliffony where there is meant to be a lovely beach…which I’ve yet to find! I’m told it’s a nudist beach so maybe it’s just as well I haven’t found it! I love the mural on the side of O’Donnell’s pub.


From Cliffony it’s a short drive to Mullaghmore where if you are lucky you’ll see some of the biggest waves in europe where surfers from all over the world come to take to the waves. There were no surfers yesterday but Mullaghmore is fantastic anyway.


The next stop on the Glens to Sea route is Tullaghan which I’m ashamed to say I’ve never visited before.


I’ve no idea what the little building is on the right of the photo or if you can walk to it but if anyone in Tullaghan can let me know I’d be grateful.

St. Patrick's Well

I also took a little break at St. Patrick’s Well. I’d love to know more about this too. After a short drive to Kinlough it was on to Glenade. I did follow a sign for the Glenade Lake drive which I would have loved to have driven along but someone must have changed the direction of the sign and I ended up back on the N15 so I just turned around and headed in the direction of Manorhamilton.


I did find Glenade but not the lake drive I’d hoped for. It is a really beautiful place though and I’d love to spend longer looking around it.

Old Irish Telephone box

It was a particular treat to see an old Irish phone box along the roadside at Glenade – you don’t see many of them around anymore.

Glenade Lake

Glenade Lake is stunning too. It is said a monster used to live in the lake and you can read all about it on Sligo Heritage.

Manorhamilton Castle

The next stop after Glenade is Manorhamilton. Home to Manorhamilton Castle, which you can take a tour of via the Castle Cafe (this is located in what was once the cattle barn).

Glencar Waterfall

The final stop was Glencar. I’ve been here many times but you can never have too many photos of the fantastic waterfall. It’s well worth visiting it during or after a rain shower when it’s at it’s finest. After a look at the lake it was time for me to head back to Sligo.


You can find out more about Glens to Sea on their website.


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  1. Great shots. Love your perspective with the tulips. Love the waterfall… and the old telephone box!
    I was thinking of you when it was rumoured that Prince Philip and Camilla may visit Sligo when they come to Ireland!! That’ll keep you busy if true!

  2. lovely piece on Glens to Sea. As a member of Glens to Sea I would be delighted to show you the Glenade Lake Drive plus some other spots in our area

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