Holiday at Home

Lough Gill

We have had some really beautiful weather this week and yesterday I got the chance to get out and enjoy it and to finally give the Canon D30 waterproof camera an outing. The first stop was to Lough Gill for a bit of Stand Up Paddling (which I’m going to do a separate blog post about).


It was such a cracker of a day. When you get days like this in Ireland you really don’t need anything else, it’s like a little bit of heaven.


I took the photo above underwater with the D30. I love this little camera, it’s a great all-rounder and so cool to be able to use it underwater too.


After Lough Gill it was on to Strandhill to watch the sunset, along with hundreds of other people. To be honest I wanted to go to Dunmoran but Jono and Lucy wanted an ice cream so we went there.

Ice cream at sunset

I know everyone takes photos of sunsets but I do love them.


You’d never think this was Sligo.


I decided to try to video the waves with the D30. I could hear people saying I was going to break my camera because they didn’t realise it was waterproof. I think the video from the camera is great too – see what you think. The only drawback was that although the camera is waterproof my shoes weren’t!!

So that was my lovely day yesterday, it really did feel like a holiday and did me the world of good. Sadly we are back to the rain tonight.



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