Canon PowerShot D30


The lovely people at Canon have let me borrow a great little waterproof camera. I had hoped to get out on the water to take some shots for my exhibition ‘Wild Atlantic Wayfarer’ which I will tell you more about soon. Anyway the camera has to go back on Monday and I haven’t managed to get out on the water yet…but I did go down to the beach. I’m not that impressed with the photo above but I had the two dogs with me (yes two dogs…I have turned into a mad dog woman!) and I was worried about getting wet…so I ended up running backwards and falling flat on my arse! Luckily I didn’t land on a dog or drop the camera!

pebbles and waves

It’s a really nice little camera. Lovely and compact, it fits in my pocket and very sturdy. I would have loved to put it properly through its paces and see what it’s capable of but unless a miracle happens in the next few days I’ll have to make do with these shots.


It was raining when I was out and about and as the camera is waterproof (right down to 25 metres!) I didn’t have to worry about the rain on it which was great.


I love the photo above, this is moss on a wall and most compact camera would struggle getting this in focus but the D30 did a great job with it.

Hot cross buns

Just in case you only think this camera is just for outdoor use I took the photo above at Beltra Country Market just using available light. So all in all I think it’s a great all rounder of a camera, I’d just have like to have longer with it to try it properly. To read more about the camera check out Canon’s site.

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    1. It’s a great little camera. I couldn’t afford to buy one so ended up buying a Nikon – big mistake! On it’s first outing to the sea it filled up with water and it was meant to be waterproof!

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